Hangover Hazard On British Roads

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Hangover Hazard On British Roads

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[shadow=black]Motorists are being warned about the dangers of driving the morning after a big night out - even if they are under the legal drinking limit.[/shadow]

As the Christmas party season approaches, they are being warned to take greater care when deciding to drive.

New research showed drivers were four times more dangerous on the roads in the morning after a boozy evening.

People with a hangover drove 10mph faster and more erratically.

They left their lane four times as much as when they were sober.

They also drove four times further while breaking the speed limit than when sober.

Most alarmingly, these results were seen in drivers who were under the legal blood alcohol limit, the study by Brunel University showed.

The morning-after hangover is characterised by fatigue, weakness, thirst, headache, muscle ache, nausea, vomiting, lack of sleep and reduced attention span and ability to concentrate.

These symptoms are mainly caused by dehydration, low blood sugar and disrupted sleep.

In the UK, alcohol is a factor in nearly 20% of accidents.

But these figures do not take into account drivers that may have been feeling the effects of a drinking session the night before.

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