Various Restaurants, Nabq

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Various Restaurants, Nabq

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The Peking in Nabq is really really good. Also Kona Kai Teppanyaki at the Marriott Beachside hotel is very entertaining and fab.

For traditional Egyptian that sells fantastic prawn tagen Fish Island at Arabsat in Nabq. Very good value - we had a fish tagen, prawn one, seafood spag, loads of bread, salads, dips, soft drinks, water and they only charged us 140le for the 3 of us and we had a feast.

Also another is under St Georges - cant remember the name but we were the only foreigners and it is used by the locals. No menu so I asked for 4 of their set meals and we had soup, rice, veg stew, salads, dips, bread, chicken and water and it came to less than 100le for the 4 of us.

The peppered fillet steak at Onions in Hadaba and Onfish in Nabq is very good with fresh veg and fries. I had the Egyptian breakfast at Onions in Hadaba during Ramadan and it was a real feast and great to eat with the locals.

The Mexican in Naama is quite good. Glad to see Pomodoros in Naama have got rid of those awful water jet sprays - out me off seeing that water being sprayed into my food as I tried to eat it. Steak was ok and hubby said fish was good.

The Italian at Marriott Beachside is lovely and their beach restaurant does a lovely grilled salmon salad. Jolie Ville beach restaurant is over priced and we didnt think much of our meal.

Recently the sign was going up on the BurgerKing in Nabq at La Strada so hopefully will be open soon. Hard Rock and TGI's are also coming soon. KFC and Mc D's have opened.

There is another new cafe just opened at La Strada called Prada and we had a nice pizza and salad and it was quite cheap.