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 Post subject: Friendship Bag ~
PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:35 am  |  Posted from: United Kingdom

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Contents: roll of lifesavers, cotton ball, Hershey's Kiss, Hershey's Hug, Sweet Tarts, B-day candle, circle with happy face stickers, rubber band, pencil eraser(top), band-aid, recipe card with a recipe on it, paper clip, tissue, and a small smooth stone.
Place all these items in a pretty gift bag. On the outside of the bag attach a sheet of paper or note card with the meanings below printed on it.

Contained in this Friendship Bag are a few reminders of friendship.
LIFESAVERS: To remind you of the many times others need help and we need theirs.
COTTON BALL: For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of your family and friends.
RUBBER BAND: A reminder to stay flexible.
SWEET & SOUR CANDY: To help you appreciate the differences in others.
CANDY KISS: To remind you that everyone needs kisses.
CANDY HUG: To remind you that hugs are nice, too.
HAPPY FACE: Smiling not only increases your face value, it's contagious.
CANDLE: To remind you to share your light with others.
BAND-AID: For healing hurt feelings, yours and someone else's.
RECIPE CARD: To share a favorite with a friend as a symbol of caring.
PAPER CLIP: to help keep things together when they seem to be slipping out of control.
TISSUE: to wipe away a tear, your own or someone else's
SMALL SMOOTH STONE: to remind you that rough times help refine and polish--use for smoother tomorrows
ERASER: To remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate.


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